Heat Pump Deep Clean

It is recommended that every year you have a technician come in and perform a complete maintenance on your Heat Pump, this would include a deep clean. A deep clean will help prevent any mould from building up in your unit. The following is a snapshot of what a deep clean consists of.

  • Technician will use anti-bacterial environmental friendly cleaner, Bib-kit, and spray bottle (wand)
  • Technician removes cover of mini slit
  • Removes filters
  • Attaches Bib Kit to prevent any spillage or damage to electrical components
  • Sprays the top end of the mini split and front with anti-bacterial cleaner and water
  • Once mixture is thoroughly applied technician will then rinse with water
  • Removes Bib Kit and any liquids from unit
  • Replaces cover and checks operations


Mini-Split Heat Pump Deep Clean – $200

Additional in same household – $125

Ducted Heat Pump Deep Clean – $200

Heat Recovery Ventilator Deep Clean

Most newer homes have an HRV and have replaced fans due to their efficiency and air quality benefits throughout the home. With today’s building standards and tightly sealed homes, it’s important to have an HRV to ensure your indoor air quality is healthy for your family.

“An HRV is a controlled ventilation system that reduces high humidity, pollutants and odours by replacing stale air with fresh warm air. Exhaust air is not only stale and damp, but warm. It is this warmth that is used to pre-heat fresh air as it enters your home.” – Clean aire, 2018

  • Remove heat exchanger core
  • Inspect
  • Clean as necessary
  • Remove filters and clean
  • Wipe machine out
  • Check and clean outside hoods
  • Flush drain lines
  • Verify operations.


HRV Deep Clean – $180.00

If you want your unit to last as long as it should, contact AJW to book your deep clean this spring!


  1. During the colder time of the year the heat will dry all components so no residue of water is left.
  2. During the summer months it is recommended that you keep your fan running 15-20 minutes after air conditioner is turned off to dry out any components which could lead to mold.

Read a recent CBC article of a Nova Scotia home owner who discovered mould in their heat pump unit.